Live Application Sharing
for Sales, Support & Training

Nefsis Video Conferencing Features: Application Sharing


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

It can be frustrating trying to describe a software application, feature, or behavior over the phone. In these cases, actually showing the application is far more productive. And with Nefsis, it's easy to do. Just glance at the tool ribbon, select Share, and then click on Application. You will be presented with a list of applications already running, select the one you want to share, and Nefsis will display the shared application among all your online meeting participants.

Application Sharing Limits Your Participant's View

Some conferencing online services let you share your entire desktop, or nothing at all. This is a problem when you want to share an application, but not the rest of your desktop, including perhaps, your running email client, pop-up messages, and document filenames. With Nefsis, you have much more control. You can share just the application, or even a region.

By limiting your participant's view, you can focus their attention on the relevant, visual material. This can be particularly helpful in sales, support and online training sessions.

Group Collaboration

Beyond a shared view of your application, Nefsis also provides advanced features for group collaboration. You can share keyboard and mouse inputs, passing control to anyone in your online meeting. You can jointly edit a document, spreadsheet, or presentation, quickly and easily.

Collaboration comes alive, and participants in your meeting are able to see the shared application and even provide inputs, regardless of whether or not the application you're sharing is installed on their PC.

Annotate Directly on Live Applications

You can highlight and annotate directly on the live application share itself. This unique feature takes application sharing to a whole new level, helping you draw attention to specific areas of interest. You can use the usual pointers, highlighters, line and shape tools, plus insert text and graphics. These can be helpful in group settings to convey ideas and mark-up a live application.

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