Real-time PowerPoint Sharing & Desktop Collaboration Anywhere Around the World

Nefsis Video Conferencing Features: PowerPoint Sharing

Easily Share Your PowerPoint Presentation Online

Collaborating and sharing Microsoft® PowerPoint® and other documents with people in the same office is easy. Walk over to their desk and you can immediately present or work on something together. But what if the other person is located in another office, or on the other side of the world?

With Nefsis Video Conferencing, online PowerPoint sharing is no problem — so long as
you and your participants have Internet access, you can share PowerPoint presentations
and other documents just as if you were meeting in person.

How To Share Your PowerPoint Presentation Online

To share a PowerPoint presentation, you click into your conference room, and follow the easy prompts to invite participants to your online meeting.

Once the meeting is started, click the Share tab on the main tool ribbon, and select PowerPoint Presentation (see above). You can share any presentation accessible to you. You can also share any document or application.

You do not have to stage or preprocess your presentations — you can share them on-the-fly, opening and closing them as you wish. With Nefsis, if you can see it, you can share it!

Attending a PowerPoint Sharing Session

Attending is easy — you just click on a link in your email. One of the best things about Nefsis Web conferencing is that you do not need any special software or equipment to participate.

All participants can click on a link received via email, or go to the Nefsis Home
page and enter your conference room ID number (see right).

Participants can enjoy your presentation from anywhere in the world.

High Quality Online Presentations – NOT Screen Grabs

For customer presentations and Web events, it's important to impart a quality impression. When you share a presentation with Nefsis, it renders the "native" rich text and graphics on your participants' PC the same way it's accomplished by PowerPoint.

Your participants see clean, sharp text, true colors and high quality images just as if you were meeting in-person watching your PowerPoint display. Nefsis does not use older screen sharing, "screen grabs," or any "raster-based" technologies that otherwise detract from high-quality PowerPoint presentations.

In addition to a clean graphics and text, this approach automatically manages different size monitors and display resolutions among you and all your meeting participants. With Nefsis, you don't have to worry about screen sizes any more.

Nefsis treats PowerPoint files as any document. When the presentation is opened and shared, Nefsis sends the contents over the Internet only once to your participants. After that, all your page change commands are instant.

You can jump to the first slide, last slide, previous and next, or take advantage of the thumbnail previews and jump around, all without skipping a beat.

This method of sharing also means you can have one or more co-hosts, and each can take turns talking and advancing the presentation. Or, one speaker can excuse themselves, and hand control to another.

PowerPoint Sharing Applications

Sales — Imagine sharing your PowerPoint document with a sales prospect — you can control everything they are looking at, exactly what you want them to see.

You can take advantage of whiteboard and annotation tools to highlight or mark-up the document live and on the fly. You can open additional PowerPoint documents as the situation warrants, so you can share whatever is needed for that particular prospect.

For the ultimate in sales presentations, make your PowerPoint display full-screen, and float your video right on top. Control of the staging and appearance is yours.

Training — PowerPoint documents are almost synonymous with training. Now, everyone can be on the same page, regardless of physical location. With the addition of multiparty video, you can ensure your participants are paying attention during your training session.

You are even able to look at thumbnails of your entire PowerPoint document yourself — that way, you can select which slide you wish to view, without having to go through the entire slide deck one at a time.

Project Reviews — We've all had project review meetings with the first 15 minutes spent making sure that everyone has an e-mail copy of the same presentation.

Trying to collect all of the feedback and comments from everyone is a full-time job. Using a real-time collaboration session allows everyone to see and edit right on the same document.

This ensures comments and updates only need to be made once, and e-mail swapping of different versions becomes a thing of the past. Now your project review can actually be productive and effective, achieving your goal in minutes instead of days.

Inter-Office Meetings — Trying to get everyone in the office on the same page? E-mail is the wrong medium to be doing this, it's much easier to do a live meeting and increase your productivity.

Or, if you travel for your inter-office meetings, instead of getting in the car or taking a flight to the headquarters office, you can move some of your inter-office meetings online, saving time, money and frustration.

Annual Shareholder Meetings, Public Presentations, & Staging —  Picture going through your annual shareholder review while you are on a business trip. All you need is your laptop and an Internet connection, and you are able to review and go through the document easily, securely and in real-time with your team back at the office.

You can practice the presentation with a friendly audience, annotate directly on the presentation to put in your comments, or circle areas of concern. Or, share the PowerPoint application itself, and you and your staff can make improvements and edits during your dry-run. With Nefsis, you can do this anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, easily and securely.

Advanced PowerPoint Sharing Tools

Most customers use Nefsis and simply leave it in the default layout, and proceed with their presentations. However, for trainers and others where a great deal of audience focus or interactivity is required, there are a number of options to enhance the online meeting experience.

For example, you can select full screen, to maximize the viewing area and minimize distractions. You can also select full screen, and "float" your video, or your participants' video on top of the PowerPoint presentation. For sales meetings and training applications, this can be particularly useful, because you can see your audience and whether or not they are paying attention.

Another very useful feature is dual monitor support. In conference rooms and training facilities with dual monitors, the presenter can arrange the shared PowerPoint presentation on one monitor, and multiparty video on the other.

This lends more flexibility, accommodating different styles of presentations and modes of learning.

Live Collaboration & Group Editing

Nefsis is a great collaboration tool that allows you to share audio, video and pass control amongst any number of participants. This enables you to take a basic PowerPoint share and elevate it into a full, rich collaboration experience. It's just like being there, without the frequent flyer hassle.

Many important presentations require a team effort to create exciting, informative and persuasive PowerPoint materials. Nefsis makes live collaboration and teamwork easy. You share the PowerPoint application itself, then you and your teammates can work on the same document, no matter where in the world you happen to be.

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