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Nefsis Commentary — March 26, 2010 — Nefsis web, VoIP and multipoint video conferencing is used worldwide for internal meetings, sales and service operations, effectively reducing unnecessary travel and greenhouse gas emmissions.

Video Conferencing cuts greenhouse gas emmissions

The mounting scientific evidence behind climate change and global warming is sharpened by growing first-hand experience with disappearing glaciers, forests and reefs. Traditional video conferencing solutions are notable for their obvious green benefits such as reducing travel-related CO2 emissions, but their outsized cost has limited their reach to the executive suite.

What if you could extend video conferencing and its greenhouse gas reduction benefits to all employees? Well, now you can.

With the latest in multi-core personal computers and cloud computing technology it's now possible to easily roll-out desktop video conferencing to all employees. And not just desktops, conference rooms, training facilities and boardrooms too.

Desktop video conferencing by San Diego-based Nefsis is clean technology. Nefsis opens the door to far more online meetings, travel reduction, telecommuting and green computing initiatives than ever before possible. Inspired organizations can even track their environmental record showing a reduction in their carbon footprint.

How Is Desktop Video Conferencing Different?

Desktop video conferencing technology is markedly different from traditional point-to-point, boardroom systems in that good communications software can reach any business desktop over the Internet, not just boardrooms using like equipment. 

In particular, Nefsis can traverse NATs, firewalls and proxies, and is in keeping with standard security policies prevalent in corporate and government IT shops, such as use of port 80, outbound connections only, etc.. With Nefsis, video conference participants can use any PC camera they like and join a conference simply by clicking on a link.

The other major difference between desktop and traditional video conferencing (VC) hardware is line employees need far more than just video to accomplish productive work during online meetings. They need live sharing tools too.

For example, Nefsis provides fast application, desktop, document and PowerPoint sharing as an integral component of the conferencing experience. Many traditional VC solutions are video-only, or require separate products or add-ons for live sharing, which can be extremely problematic where multiple parties and network security are concerned.

Why Are Desktop Systems Better for Greenhouse Gas Reduction?

Online meetings with customers, vendors and partners. With good software such as Nefsis, you can hold online meetings with internal and external participants. They do not need to re-engineer their networks or match your equipment. So, in addition to intra-company travel, you can now eliminate repetitive commutes or carbon-producing flights to customers and vendors too.  A good example of this type of application is the many online project reviews conducted by Nefsis civil, architectural and construction engineering customers. 

Field Support / Technical Support. Nefsis includes desktop sharing and remote control. These tools can be used to help customers via online meetings instead of field service calls.  In addition, there is a wide variety of specialty cameras that can be mated to standard PC video capture cards for online remote product quality assurance, remote inspections, failure analysis, and other visual diagnostic procedures that help reduce timely, expensive and high CO2-producing flights.

Expanded telecommuter Support. This is a big one. Nefsis allows telecommuters to meet face-to-face with any company employee, right from their own home. Plus, they can use any number of presentation and live sharing features to better communicate complex topics and resolve critical issues.

Distance Learning. Nefsis allows full interactivity among all participants. This is especially useful for seminars, workshops, commercial training, and anywhere live interaction between students and instructors is required. It's simply unpractical to place a traditional VC pastry cart in every training room and home office, but using Nefsis for live e-learning with typical PCs and existing Internet connections happens every day!

Many More! There are lots of applications, for more please visit our case studies page.

What Makes a Good Desktop Conferencing Solution For Business?

There are several ingredients needed for a pleasant desktop video conferencing experience, but three stand out as being unique in this product category.

One.  Getting connected over existing networks, including firewalls, NATs and proxies, is required. Two.  Plus the ability to manage mixed-speed connections and respond in real-time to changes in bandwidth for each participant.
Three.  And, lastly, the ability to efficiently manage each user's processing power so that video coding and decoding doesn't dominate their PC.

In addition to these unique requirements, the general need for ease-of-use and rock-solid reliability are always required in good software. In the case of Nefsis, it uses standard Internet links and an office application metaphor, so anyone familiar with Word and Excel can easily become productive. Nefsis is also IT friendly, with several generations of multi-office network applications behind it. Nefsis is easy to activate or install, maintain and secure.

Beyond CO2 reduction

Beyond CO2 reduction, clean technology applications have other benefits too. Reducing CO2 output and pollution makes for a healthier environment and may ultimately reduce healthcare expenses. Reducing strategic dependence on foreign oil and limited fossil fuels is another long-term benefit.

With Nefsis video conferencing, the added flexibility of trading commute or travel time for family time can certainly boost morale and improve work/life balance. Using state-of-the-art, visual communications tools can inject more fun into meetings and a sense of direct contribution to greenhouse gas reduction campaigns.

Years ago there were no 40 mile/gallon cars and easy-to-use video conferencing solutions, today they are widely accepted and employees can take pride in using them and doing something about global warming. Inspired management teams can track their carbon footprint reduction and even put numbers behind their corporate value statements. Why wait? Schedule a live demo to investigate an aggressive tool to combat global warming.

Additional Resources

The following may be helpful in further researching clean technology and CO2 reduction. There are a growing number of carbon calculators and authoritative resources on the broader topic of greenhouse gas reduction. Here are just a few.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains a nice resource for U.S. government, present and near-term greenhouse gas reduction initiatives.

The Carbon Neutral Company (UK) has calculators for home and business.

The calculator at Carbon Footprint is notable for both US and UK inputs.

A very nice online carbon calculator is available on the Green Mountain Energy (US) website. This calculator was designed for consumers. It is quite comprehensive, educational and easy to use. Iff you do not have details on your electric usage, this one is helpful with benchmark inputs.

ZeroFootPrint is notable for their website, carbon calculator (US and Canada) and CO2 reduction "without borders" campaign. They list more resources too.

More calculators, resources and links:

Implementing Clean Technology is Easy

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Once you see the demo, you might be surprised how easy it is to put clean technology to work and start making a dent in your company's carbon footprint. One day you might even make open market trades in carbon offsets made possible by using Nefsis.