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USB 3.0 Support Announced by Nefsis
Online Video Conferencing Service

USB 3.0 will increase quality and decrease cost of multipoint HD video conferencing

SAN DIEGO — January 18, 2011 — Online video conferencing services innovator Nefsis® announced today its interoperability with the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed standard. The implication for the video conferencing industry is that multipoint HD video conferencing will soon become much more affordable to millions of businesses as chipset and motherboard manufacturers incorporate USB 3.0. At the recent 2011 International CES conference, more laptop, ultrathin laptop, and tablet manufacturers announced support, along with a growing list of storage peripheral vendors. Nefsis predicts USB 3.0 webcams are not far behind.

USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with 2.0, but it can transfer data at ten times the speed. At present, USB 2.0 limits webcams to HD 720p, continuous video calling. The advent of 3.0 will remove that limitation, enabling HD 1080p at standard frame rates, including 30 progressive and 60 progressive frames per second. This is a substantial enabling technology for video conferencing as it will usher in the highest quality, full motion HD at prevailing webcam pricing and consumer electronics economies of scale.

“We're delighted to see USB 3.0 catching on,” said Tom Toperczer, Nefsis VP of Marketing. “The implications are clear: what used to cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for boardroom video conferencing will soon be available to any desktop or conference room at webcam prices.”

Nefsis is the industry’s first cloud-based video conferencing solution, and the only solution to deliver multipoint HD quality to desktops and conference rooms. Nefsis allows the use of any video peripheral, including USB 2.0 webcams (720p), future USB 3.0 webcams (1080p), and virtually any Windows compatible video source, including handheld cameras and medical imaging devices, with built-in security and web collaboration tools.

About Nefsis
Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nefsis is a specialist in video conferencing software and online services for business. The Nefsis approach combines cloud computing and multi-core processing to deliver effortless video conferencing to employees, customers and business partners anywhere they have Internet access. Nefsis is especially popular among small-to-medium sized organizations, where its high-quality video, security controls and easy implementation deliver exceptional value.

For more information, please visit the Nefsis website or call +1 (858) 715-0970 in the Americas or +44 (0) 870 224 0415 in the UK and Europe.

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Xenia Moore
Public Relations Manager
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