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Xenia Moore
[email protected]
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Nefsis Corporation
9350 Waxie Way
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San Diego, CA 92123
+1 (858) 715-0970

European Office
3rd Floor, 1 Old Market Avenue
Chichester, West Sussex
PO19 1SP
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 870 224 0415

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Nefsis Newsroom

Nefsis® is a technology specialist in video conferencing software and cloud computing online services for business. Our technology makes video conferencing faster, easier, and more accessible to employees, customers and business partners anywhere they have Internet access.

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Position Papers:
Nefsis Brings Video Conferencing to the Cloud

Nefsis Receives Award for Industry's First Video Conferencing CloudThe trend towards server virtualization and cloud computing is driven by the benefits of easy maintenance, automated fail-over, load balancing and scalability. Video conferencing is no exception, but there’s a gulf between the growing popularity of video peripherals and productive online meetings. The latter requires security, proxy support, advanced collaboration tools, and VoIP or telephone audio for a complete solution. Nefsis virtualizes all these components seamlessly integrating them and bringing them closer to you on the best nearby resources in its video conferencing cloud.

The net result is a complete video conferencing solution for business with multipoint HD video to desktops and rooms, including built-in advanced collaboration tools. As compared to infrastructure hardware solutions, Nefsis cloud-based technology is affordable without major capital expense, much easier to implement, and requires only a phone call to expand.

Nefsis Technology
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Cloud Computing & Server Virtualization
>>  White Paper: Virtualizing Video Conferencing for Business

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Nefsis Basic is a free, entry-level web, VoIP and video conferencing online service for small office and home office professionals. You can activate your own account for free and start conferencing right now. You can also contact us or schedule a live demo to get more screenshots, customer press references, or schedule an interview with a Nefsis company spokesperson.

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