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Internet Video Conferencing

Web Conferencing Features

IT Friendly


Nefsis Dedicated:
On-Premise Video Conferencing Server Software Option

You can install Nefsis on your own network server, in your own DMZ. The on-premise server is an extension of the Nefsis video conferencing cloud under your control. This configuration is often referred to as a hybrid cloud. This option provides the most extensive security, routing, feature and user-level controls.

Instant-On Video Conferencing or Hybrid Cloud

Nefsis delivers advanced multipoint video conferencing with any desktop, camera or room. You get high quality, business-grade video with shared internet access, and HD, telepresence quality where bandwidth permits. Nefsis also provides a full suite of web collaboration tools for a complete online meeting solution, webcam to HD, desktop to boardroom.

With Nefsis Online, you can start a FREE trial right now and experiment with all the features. Nefsis Online is our most popular product choice. However, for customers that demand more user, feature, access, routing and security controls, we offer Nefsis Dedicated.

Nefsis Dedicated is installable, on-premise video conferencing server software that runs on your server, in your DMZ. You can restrict conference documents to your server, and apply user and feature-level restrictions not available in standard online services. You can also take advantage of server placement to implement performance, routing and Quality of Service (QoS) controls.

Advanced Technology

Take Advantage of
Multi-Core Processors You Already Have

Nefsis uses the most advanced, multi-core parallel processing from end-to-end, including multiple cores on your own PC. In addition, Nefsis takes advantage of multimedia processor extensions, further improving the quality of live sharing and multipoint video

As your organization goes through a typical desktop technology refresh cycle, your video processing power naturally goes up without any further investment. With Nefsis, your organization will always be a step ahead with Moore's Law.

Nefsis multi-core concurrency accelerates video conferencing.

Use Any Connection Type

Nefsis advanced technology includes automated throttling to govern video quality, bandwidth, and CPU availability. You can use default video quality settings, or manually set video resolution, frame rate, or compression quality in real-time. Nefsis will gray-out any setting that cannot be supported under current bandwidth conditions. This provides the flexibility to conference with any desktop or room, over any connection type: shared internet access with nominal bandwidth, or dedicated routes with ample bandwidth for multipoint HD.  More on bandwidth & QoS ...

Superior Connection Success Rates

Nefsis real-time routing has powered secure, inter-office messaging, live sharing and communications applications for over 11 years. Nefsis firewall and proxy traversal supports a long list of industry standard ports, proxy connections, and vendor-specific optimizations developed over successive generations to give you the best connection success rates in multi-office environments. In addition, when you connect to your virtual conference server, Nefsis steps you through its connection optimizer, which tries multiple ports, direct connections, proxy connections, and so on, selecting the best port and connection type available for each user at that point in time.

These features work together to get you connected with virtually any business desktop or conference room worldwide. Our customers use Nefsis over the public Internet and their own LANs, WANs and VPNs.

More about Nefsis technology ...

Standard Peripherals Lower Cost

Webcams & Conference Room HD Cameras

Nefsis Can Use Any Camera, Webcam to HDWhy over-pay for proprietary solutions, when off-the-shelf video conferencing equipment, webcams, HD cameras and flat panel displays are readily available? With Nefsis, you can use any audio/video peripheral you like, there is no need to match equipment. You can use popular webcams, conference room pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, HD, or no camera at all.

Headsets, Microphones & VoIP

The same technology that delivers multipoint video, also delivers wideband, full-duplex voice over IP audio. Nefsis VoIP is a natural part of your online meeting experience. It sounds better than the telephone, giving you the flexibility to replace travel and per-minute teleconferencing expenses, with fixed-price web, VoIP and video conferencing.

Nefsis audio is multiparty, full-duplex, so multiple people can speak at the same time, just like meeting in person.  Advanced audio technology such as acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), automatic gain control (AGC), and comfort noise generation (CNG), all add up to the best sounding, multiparty VoIP available.

Just like cameras above, Nefsis is broadly compatible with a wide variety of microphones, headsets and conference room audio equipment at costs far below proprietary solutions.

More about compatible equipment ...

Comprehensive Live Sharing Features

Nefsis has easy to use live sharing and web conferencing features.

Nefsis has a built-in, full-suite of web conferencing features for sharing virtually anything accessible to your PC. This includes documents, live desktops and applications, whiteboards, and text chat windows. Nefsis takes web collaboration to the next level: You can annotate documents, presentations, and live applications; distribute files and handouts; and even play media files. What's more, the advanced parallel processing and automated throttling technologies described above lets you use all of these features in a fully interactive, multipoint VoIP and video conference without bogging down your PC.

You can share PowerPoint presentation or any document.

Share Documents & Presentations

Nefsis provides high-quality document and PowerPoint presentation sharing. Nefsis does not take a screen grab, it displays rich text and graphics for all participants, just as if these documents were displayed by their native applications. Nefsis provides thumbnail views of each page, so you can easily skip back and forth during your presentation. For advanced users, Nefsis provides options to raise or lower the compression quality for document graphics, providing more flexibility for specific scenarios such as medical imaging and engineering services, where high quality is required. 

Share Live Applications with Annotation & Remote Control

Share any application, with annotation and highlighting tools.Nefsis live sharing — desktop, application, region and browser — let you display anything on your computer desktop. To highlight specific areas, you can use region sharing, and set the lasso over the area of interest; or take advantage of the Nefsis annotation toolbar and use pointers and highlighting tools. These capabilities are useful in sales, training, engineering services, healthcare, or any scenario where live interaction or complex subject matter is shared.

For group collaboration, Nefsis provides remote control in all live sharing features. Once remote control is requested and granted, another user can run the live application while everyone else watches.

Hand-Outs & File Transfer

Nefsis Share Media FileNefsis provides online meeting hosts and presenters with a Files & Handouts feature, making it easy to distribute documents during working meetings, just as you would do if meeting in person.

Play a Movie File

The Nefsis virtual meeting environment lets you share virtually anything on your PC, even media files (WMV and other movie files).  It's as easy as clicking the share Media File button, selecting a WMV or other movie file, and then clicking on the VCR-like media controls for play and pause, fast-forward and rewind. Depending on such factors as the bandwidth, encoding and size of the media file, Nefsis will play the file at full resolution, or within limits, automatically adjusting quality so that everyone sees the same content in real-time.

Nefsis is not a heavily buffered streaming application. The media file is played in real-time, and everyone in the conference gets the same experience simultaneously. The presenter can play and pause the movie, discuss the contents, and watch everybody's reaction via Nefsis multipoint video.

Record & Playback

Nefsis Record & Playback lets you record everything in your virtual conferencing session, including live sharing and multipoint VoIP and video.  Nefsis uses industry standard file formats (AVI, Flash/FLV), so that you can use these files with other applications.

More about web collaboration ...

Enterprise Ready

Easy to Install

Nefsis videoconference with Dual MonitorsYou can start a free trial with Nefsis Online right now, it takes just seconds to activate your own account.  Nefsis Online is an online service that provides instant video conferencing and automated software maintenance (SaaS).

You can also contact us for a free trial copy of Nefsis Dedicated, to install on your own network server, in your own DMZ or hosting facility. 

Nefsis Dedicated comes with an installation wizard that automates the software installation process.

Easy to Maintain with Web-Based Admin Console

Nefsis is easy to maintain, with a web-based administrator's console. IT staff can use the console to control user access; enable or disable features; set feature limits (e.g., video resolution); and control system-wide properties such as requiring conference room passwords.

More Security Features

Click here for more about video conferencing security and verification.Nefsis is a secure web, VoIP and multipoint video conferencing application. It provides all the standard features for secure conferencing such as host login authentication, conference room passwords and encryption (SSL3/TLS). Nefsis uses 3rd party, signed certificates from VeriSign.

In addition, Nefsis Dedicated provides the longest list of security options available. Nefsis Dedicated is the best choice when on-premise installation is required, or you wish to set the algorithms and key lengths for encryption and signing.  Nefsis Dedicated also provides more options to restrict server access, and control routing to/from the conferencing server for any reason (performance, routing, security).

Nefsis Dedicated also has the integration points for customers that wish to use their own certificate, certificate authority (CA) and public key infrastructure (PKI). Nefsis Dedicated supports all the settings and configurations required to achieve FIPS 140-2 compliance.

For more information, please visit our secure video conferencing page, or contact us to schedule a security Q&A session.

Industry Standards for Broad Compatibility

Nefsis supports all the leading standards for web services (ports 80 and 443); security (SSL, TLS, HPPTS); URLs; HTTP and XML; firewall traversal; proxy connections; USB plug-and-play webcams and headsets; and conference room audio and video conferencing equipment. The use of these standards increases compatibility with any a/v peripheral, improves your conferencing connection success rates, and makes it easy to integrate your video conferencing server with employee portals and other conference server "front ends." 

In addition, Nefsis has native support for Windows Vista, which allows you to enjoy the full scope of Microsoft Aero, flip 3D displays, transparency, and glass effects. Nefsis also provides tool button add-ins for all Microsoft Office applications. Nefsis is compatible with all Office documents, Microsoft Office Communicator and OC server, and Windows Media Player — by far the best video conferencing compatibility with Microsoft.

Complete features list ...

Free Trial — Install Nefsis on Your Own Network

Nefsis FREE TrialYou can start a free trial right now with Nefsis Online. It takes just seconds to activate your own account. You can also request a trial installation key to install Nefsis Dedicated on your own network server.

Contact UsYou can also schedule a live demo to see Nefsis and any of the video conferencing and live sharing features above. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, our staff provides live demos and answers questions about cameras, bandwidth, security and on-premise installation every day.

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