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Nefsis Virtualization Technology Benefits Small Business and Non-Profit Video Conferencing Customers

SAN DIEGO — December 15, 2011 — Online services innovator Nefsis® highlighted today the benefits of its virtualization and cloud computing technology for small business and non-profit video conferencing customers. Unlike boardroom equipment and telepresence systems prevalent in large corporate settings, cloud-based video conferencing requires only a web browser, inexpensive webcam, and existing Internet access to get started. Technical functions previously provided by on-premise infrastructure hardware are now provided via the cloud. The benefits of the cloud-based approach are lower cost, automated maintenance, and easy web-based access anywhere worldwide – compelling benefits in small business and non-profit settings that require secure, high-quality video, but do not have the budget or physical resources typically found in large corporate organizations.

The initial application of cloud-based video conferencing solutions mirrored that of earlier boardroom equipment: interoffice meetings. As the cloud-based approach evolved, it enabled a much greater variety of applications such as sales presentations, customer support, employee and customer online training, plus specialty applications such as video remote interpreting, online project reviews, telemedicine, and telepsychiatry to name a few.

For example, Advancial Federal Credit Union has deployed Nefsis video conferencing for employee online training. AspenPointe, a Colorado-based provider of behavioral health and counseling services, uses Nefsis for connecting staff members to rural patients. In these applications low cost and easy, web-based access were required.

The following are the top three benefits of cloud-based video conferencing in small-to-medium business (SMB) and non-profit settings:

1. The Nefsis cloud lowers the cost of video conferencing applications in two important ways: The use of off-the-shelf webcams, HD webcams, and other video peripherals drops the endpoint video conferencing equipment cost to within the budget of any small business. Moreover, Nefsis does not require expensive, infrastructure equipment such as video-specific routers, multipoint channel units (MCUs), and desktop gateway and collaboration servers. These functions are provided by the Nefsis cloud via software and virtualization technology.

2. In addition to eliminating the up-front expense of infrastructure equipment, the physical maintenance is eliminated too. The Nefsis cloud is automatically maintained on behalf of Nefsis customers, enabling new video conferencing applications where no IT staff is available.

3. The third benefit is easy, web-based access from virtually anywhere, including the desktops and multipurpose conference rooms of remote sites and customer locations. This is a distinct improvement over traditional, installed-site systems that were limited to connections with like-equipped sites. Now video conferencing applications can reach anywhere participants can click on a web link. An essential technology in providing easy, web-based access is Nefsis’ dynamic scalable video. This real-time, software-based technology provides the highest-quality video possible, including up to multipoint HD, over a variety of constantly changing bandwidth conditions often found in desktop, small business and non-profit environments.

Nefsis offers a full-featured, free trial of Nefsis Professional. Nefsis Professional is compatible with Microsoft, Logitech, and other USB webcams, and a wide variety of audio and video peripherals.

About Nefsis
Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nefsis is a technology specialist in video conferencing software and cloud computing online services. The Company’s global cloud provides multipoint HD video and advanced collaboration tools to business, government and educational customers in more than 45 countries worldwide. As compared to previous generations of video conferencing solutions requiring video routers, MCUs and gateways, the Nefsis cloud-based offering is less expensive, automatically maintained, and easier to expand.

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