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Nefsis Virtualization Technology Benefits
Business Video Conferencing IT Staff

Nefsis virtualization technology helps IT staff move video conferencing
from hardware-centric physical tasks to scalable, automatically maintained
online services

SAN DIEGO — November 10, 2011 — Online services innovator Nefsis® released today highlights of its corporate information technology (IT) benefits of replacing complex, labor intensive video conferencing infrastructure hardware with scalable and automatically maintained communications online services. One of the primary drivers behind cloud computing and virtualization is cost reduction through shared resources. Nefsis offers IT staff the benefits of automating maintenance, worry-free expansion via click of a mouse, and the management controls made possible by moving video conferencing away from hardware-centric infrastructure components with long break-fix cycles to scalable, load-balanced online services.

Most market researchers forecast increasing adoption of video conferencing among business users driven in part by rising fuel costs, travel limitations, bandwidth availability, and spill-over from consumer video calling. Many business users have seen boardroom video conferencing installations, and the application itself is well known. Known to a much lesser extent is the increasing burden placed on IT staff as business installations expand from simple two-point boardroom systems to many endpoints, desktop participants, encrypted connections, and web collaboration tools – requiring expensive infrastructure components and hands-on maintenance.

Nefsis effectively removes these components by providing the same capabilities through virtualization and cloud computing technology. The latter offers IT staff automated maintenance, load balancing, and scalability — features simply unavailable from hardware-centric vendors prevalent in previous generations. Moving video conferencing from static, fixed-hardware, fixed-route applications — sometimes called ‘monolithic’ applications — to the ‘cloud’ is especially beneficial to IT staff interested in service oriented architectures (SOA) and better business/IT alignment. Now, video conferencing can be managed at a much higher level, complete with management controls covering users, features, security, bandwidth, quality of service (QoS) and more.

“As business video conferencing adoption grows, so too the need for delivering a complete solution for IT staff including scalable video that operates over existing networks, automated maintenance, easy expansion, and a complete IT toolset,” said Tom Toperczer, Nefsis Vice President of Marketing. “The Nefsis cloud provides all the above from a global online service that has been tested and proven by our customers, and is available now.”

A full-featured, free trial of Nefsis Professional is available at the Nefsis website. Nefsis Professional supports desktop and multipurpose conference room audio/video peripherals, multipoint HD video, and integrated web collaboration tools. Nefsis Professional makes it easy to pilot almost any video conferencing application in minutes.

About Nefsis
Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nefsis is a technology specialist in video conferencing software and cloud computing online services. The Company’s global cloud provides multipoint HD video and advanced collaboration tools to business, government and educational customers in more than 45 countries worldwide. As compared to previous generations of video conferencing solutions requiring video routers, MCUs and gateways, the Nefsis cloud-based offering is less expensive, automatically maintained, and easier to expand.

For more information, please browse the Nefsis website or call +1 (858) 715-0970 in the Americas or +44 (0) 870 224 0415 in the UK and Europe.

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