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Nefsis Video Conferencing Technology
Enables Corporate Video Showrooms

The corporate headquarters showroom, once reserved for onsite visitors, can
now reach worldwide via Nefsis cloud-based video conferencing online services

SAN DIEGO — January 6, 2011 — Online video conferencing services innovator Nefsis® reported today on a new application of its cloud-based technology: the corporate video showroom. The typical showroom has long been a staple for visitors to large, corporate headquarters offices. Now, with the introduction of high-quality, HD webcams and online services such as Nefsis, even small and mid-sized companies can establish a video showroom and extend its reach anywhere, worldwide.

Company officials noted that the primary interest in this new application is among discreet manufacturing, textiles, and specialty trades, particularly those in remote locales, where there is a strong visual component to their products and services. A high definition webcam or pan-tilt-zoom video camera is used at the showroom. The distant participants may have webcams or no video inputs at all. Any Internet connection will suffice, as high definition details on the items being shown do not require a high frame rate.

Nefsis is the industry's first cloud-based video conferencing solution, and the only online service to deliver multipoint HD quality to desktops and conference rooms. Nefsis built-in web conferencing tools give online showroom hosts a complete toolset for sharing presentations, computer applications, handouts, and other materials they would normally cover in person.

About Nefsis
Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nefsis is a specialist in video conferencing software and online services for business. The Nefsis approach combines cloud computing and multi-core processing to deliver effortless video conferencing to employees, customers and business partners anywhere they have Internet access. Nefsis is especially popular among small-to-medium sized organizations, where its high-quality video, security controls and easy implementation deliver exceptional value.

For more information, please visit the Nefsis website or call +1 (858) 715-0970 in the Americas or +44 (0) 870 224 0415 in the UK and Europe.

Media Contact

Xenia Moore
Public Relations Manager
Phone: (858) 715-0970
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