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Nefsis Basic Provides an Alternative to Dimdim Web Conferencing with a Commercial Upgrade Path

SAN DIEGO — January 11, 2011 — Online video conferencing services innovator Nefsis® today announced its competitive upgrade program available to former users of Dimdim. Nefsis Basic is an entry-level web collaboration, VoIP and video conferencing online service for small office and home office professionals that works with any Windows compatible video device. A Nefsis Basic session features conference room passcodes and standard SSL/TLS security. Nefsis Basic is a free alternative to Dimdim with a commercial upgrade path to the company’s flagship product, Nefsis Professional.

Superior to Webex® and more cost effective than Polycom®, Nefsis Professional offers advanced web conferencing features such as annotation over live applications, playing movie files during a conference, and multipoint HD video conferencing for desktops and conference rooms. The competitive upgrade program includes a live technical support transition team for users converting from Dimdim to Nefsis Professional by February 28th, 2011.

To activate a free Nefsis Basic account now, please visit the Nefsis website at For details regarding Nefsis Professional competitive upgrade offers, please contact the Company at +1 (858) 715-0970 in the Americas or +44 (0) 870 224 0415 in the UK and Europe.

About Nefsis
Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nefsis is a specialist in video conferencing software and online services for business. The Nefsis approach combines cloud computing and multi-core processing to deliver effortless video conferencing to employees, customers and business partners anywhere they have Internet access. Nefsis is especially popular among small-to-medium sized organizations, where its high-quality video, security controls and easy implementation deliver exceptional value.

Media Contact

Xenia Moore
Public Relations Manager
Phone: (858) 715-0970
[email protected]

Nefsis is a registered trademark of Nefsis Corporation. Dimdim, WebEx, Polycom and all other trademarks mentioned are property of their respective owners.

Nefsis Basic is available at no cost. Nefsis Basic requires Internet access, a Windows PC (XP or later) and a web browser such as Internet Explorer 7 or later, Firefox 3 or later, or Chrome 6 or later. Please read Nefsis systems requirements and terms of service for details.

Nefsis Basic is currently available to subscribers in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland, but a subscriber can invite a participant located anywhere in the world.