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The Next Generation of e/pop® is Nefsis®
New Name, Same Team, Same Service

The newest version of e/pop is a revolutionary improvement to all web and video conferencing products available today.

In fact, it's so revolutionary that we had to change the name to Nefsis®. You will get the same great service and the same great products that you've come to expect from us over the last 11 years. That's because we're the same Company, see for yourself: 1-Page Company Fact Sheet.

What's So Revolutionary About Nefsis?

We've taken web and video conferencing to the next level.

  • Our multipoint video is a dramatic improvement over what was considered to be the best video capabilities in the industry, e/pop version 4.6.

  • We have also added another first, real time sharing of media files. All participants can view the same media file simultaneously. No one is out of sync. Try doing that with the competition.

  • Our full duplex, multi-party VoIP allows live interaction among participants. Whether you are in a room with speakers and tabletop microphones or at your desktop with a headset, voice quality is clear and without distortion.

  • We have also added a host of other new and exciting features wrapped up in an intuitive user interface. Conferencing has never been easier.

So How Did We Do All Of This?

We certainly did not rest on our laurels with e/pop. We have developed a new software architecture and delivery platform that is years ahead of the competition.

Parallel Processing Architecture

Advancements in semiconductor technology have resulted in the common use of multi-core processors in standard PCs. Nefsis is the first multi-core web and video conferencing application to fully leverage all the cores of your computer, no matter how many. Nefsis was designed from the bottom up as a complete, parallel processing application. In Nefsis, each of its discrete functional areas is an independent piece of logic, working together to form a fluid experience as they are distributed evenly across all available cores in your computer.

Cloud Computing

Nefsis provides a true, distributed cloud for unrivaled quality in web and multipoint video conferencing. The Nefsis cloud constantly adapts to changing conditions on the Internet, as well as your local network, delivering the highest quality experience possible for your video conference. Some products claiming to be a 'cloud' are really just a large centralized data center supplying a service, without any of the benefits of cloud-based service distribution. A true cloud, like Nefsis, offloads and distributes the experience across the Web. Nefsis does this by using a massive network of distributed computers to ensure the highest quality video conferencing experience; minimizing latency while delivering all the benefits of load-balancing, failover, and the scalability that true cloud architecture provides.

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