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   Case Study: Online Game Development

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Team warfare league uses Nefsis Video Conferencing for online meetings among widely distributed, all volunteer workforce

Team Warfare League™ is a worldwide, online gaming community. TWL's team of geographically dispersed volunteers directs competitions, establishes rules, administers team-ranking ladders and adjudicates disputes for many of the world's most popular console and online games.


The gamers communicate with TWL staff through an online forum, where people post and pick up messages in bulletin-board fashion. But as the community grew, staff members and programmers realized they needed to migrate to new servers and, as part of this project, a faster way of communicating during the critical migration process. Posting messages and store-and-forward email would not cut it. TWL decided to explore live online meetings using Nefsis Basic.


  • Widely distributed, all-volunteer workforce
  • New server migration project required real-time communications method much like meeting in person, which was not an option


  • Nefsis' easy online meetings provided a quick way to communicate project details that required interaction
  • Nefsis high-speed, multipoint video satisfied gaming enthusiasts
  • Media sharing (playing a match movie file) during a conference provided a new method to make rulings and other after-action findings

Business and IT Benefits:

  • Easy, secure virtual meetings provided scheduling flexibility helpful to volunteer staff
  • Real-time interaction made project development move along faster
  • Live media sharing made referee movie reviews much easier

With Nefsis Basic, staff members collaborated one-on-one throughout the server migration project, then began using the service to create game rules and administer the gaming ladders as well. They condensed many of their administrative processes from weeks of back-and-forth in the forums to a few minutes in live online meetings and learned to conduct old business in a new way.


The TWL staff was encouraged by how much more productive they had become, so they expanded their use of video conferencing by upgrading from Nefsis Basic to Nefsis Professional, for unlimited participants in a single conference and high-definition video.

The added features allow multiple administrators and programmers to meet simultaneously, and by using the live media sharing capabilities of Nefsis, they allow multiple referees to review recorded plays in the same way referees would confer at a live athletic event.

“Our usage of Nefsis continues to grow,” says Myles Angell, TWL site administrator.

“It started out as a simple way for us to communicate, but now it has grown within our community. Our administrative staff is a very critical bunch, especially when it comes to video quality, but Nefsis has stood up to our scrutiny.”

For TWL, Nefsis Basic online meetings resulted in a huge productivity benefit in administrative tasks. The upgrade to Nefsis Professional extends those benefits to full collaboration among decision-makers, referees and programmers.

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