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Manage Conferences

Manage Conferences

Nefsis allows you to create and manage as many conferences as you wish. You can also create templates for specific conferences.

The following articles will guide you through how to create conferences, templates and manage them.

My meeting room

Nefsis will set you up with your own personal meeting room. This room is used whenever you invite contacts or groups into a web conference.






Show my conferences

Nefsis allows you to create and manage as many conferences as you wish. These conferences can be managed using the "Show conferences" feature.

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Create a scheduled conference

In some cases, you may want to schedule a conference so that it starts at a specific time and date and be able to send invitations to specific people.






Create a quick conference

You can create more conference rooms if "my meeting room" is not enough. A fast way of doing this is by using the Quick Conference feature.







Join a conference

You can join a conference in a number of ways. Simply choose the method that's easiest for you.






Edit a conference

Even after a conference has been created, you can change any conference settings.






Delete a conference

Deleting a conference is a simple process and can be achieved by clicking Delete in your conference list. It's worth noting that by default, "quick" conferences will automatically expire 15 minutes after the last person leaves the conference session.






Create a conference template

If you prefer to customize your conferences with specific settings on a regular basis, you can create and save these settings to a conference template.






Use a conference template

Once you have created a conference template, you can apply the settings to any future conferences you may create.






Edit a conference template

Should you ever need to make ajustments to a conference template, you can edit the template.






Delete a conference template

Should you ever need to remove or delete a conference template, you can do so by selecting the template and clicking the delete icon.






Invite contacts to conference

You can invite a contact or whole group into a web conference by selecting them on the contact list and then by clicking "Send to Meeting Room"






Retrieving old requests and invites

Should you ever miss or decline a conference invitation sent to you, you can always retrieve any invitations using the History tab.






Advanced options

Should you ever need to configure or customize a conference in detail, here's the place to do it.