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Nefsis Contact List

Nefsis provides you with the ability to manage a contact list with friends and colleagues and offers web and video conferencing with just a couple of clicks.


Nefsis Contact List

Key Features

Manage & administer conferences
Create, edit and delete conferences...

Send popup messages to contacts
Send messages quickly to other contacts...

Start text chat conversations
Initiate a text conversation with other contacts...

Manage contacts
Add, organize, remove contacts...

Manage groups
Add, organize, join, delete groups...



Getting Started...

Here is a quick guide to get you up-and-running with the Nefsis Contact List!

  • Download & Install Nefsis

    This will install the Contact List (the tray icon) and a Conference Client (so you can attend online meetings with other Nefsis users).

    Did you know? The Nefsis Contact List allows you to manage a list of contacts, see who's online, busy or away, create and manage conferences, send messages to other people and easily invite contacts into your conferences.

  • Get a new account & activate

    The first-time the Contact List is opened, you'll be prompted to create a new account. Simply follow the on-screen assistant to create your Nefsis account.

    NOTE: Specify a valid email address when creating your account. You'll be asked to activate your account by clicking on a link sent to you via email!

  • Login!

    After activating your account, you can login to the Contact List. The first-time you do this, Nefsis will automatically create a personal meeting room for you!

    Did you know? You can also login via with your email address and password, to manage and join conferences, view usage reports...

  • Add contacts & groups

    Once logged into your Contact List, you can easily add other Nefsis contacts to your list. You can also create or join other groups to keep your list organized.

  • Invite a contact to your meeting room

    With other contacts displayed in your Contact List, you can easily invite them to an online meeting by selecting a contact and then click Send to Meeting Room!