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Create a Scheduled Conference


Generally most users will find one conference room enough for day-to-day activities.
However in some cases, you may want to schedule a conference so that it starts at a specific time and date.

NOTE: A scheduled conference will expire 15 minutes after the duration of the conference.
To disable the automatic deletion of the conference room, click here to learn about customizing start and end times.


With Expert View enabled...

  • Open Nefsis using the tray icon

  • Select the "n" application menu

  • Select Schedule a conference

  • Enter a topic (required)

  • Specify a start date, time and the time zone for the conference

  • Select the duration or if you would like it to never end (i.e. making it a permanent meeting room)

  • Enter the email addresses of participants invited to the conference (separated by commas)

    Have contacts in address books? You can click Edit Invites to quickly add people from your local address book or Microsoft Exchange (if available).

    Alternatively... You can leave the Invites section blank and invite people once in the conference itself by using the "Start page".

  • Ticking Send a copy... and Attach calendar event... are useful if you want a copy of the email invite that is sent out for the meeting; and if you want it to include a calendar file that each attendee can add to their calendar (such as Microsoft Outlook).

  • Click Save Changes to create the meeting and to send the email invitations.


Accessing your meeting...

Once created, you as the owner can access the meeting room at any time, but importantly the meeting will remain locked for your attendees. This can be useful if you want to access the meeting in advance to prepare your documents or presentations.

  • Select the "n" application menu
  • Select Show my conferences
  • Click Join next to the scheduled conference
  • You can now share any documents or presentations in advance of the scheduled start time.

    Did you know? If you want the meeting to start earlier, join the meeting and unlock the conference via the "n" application menu.


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