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Nefsis Version 5.3 - May 2011 Update
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Training and Support

Call or Email Support:

Call us during UK hours on 01243 816800  - Mon-Fri 9am to 5:30pm
or "" (replacing the -at- with an @ symbol).

In-Conference Support:

If you don’t mind us ‘gate-crashing’ your meeting, feel free to invite us into your meeting if you are experiencing difficulties. Simply give us a call or send an email invite with the problem you are experiencing. We will do our best to join as soon as we possibly can.

Online User Manual:

With over 200 pages of step-by-step guides organised into a variety of categories, the online user manual can help shed light on virtually any Nefsis feature and can be found here:

Tips & Tricks:

Direct from the experts – head on over to our official UK blog with various tips, tricks and information about Nefsis and its features; including hardware reviews and YouTube videos:

Facebook & Twitter:

Get social with some of our other support activities - ideal for those random questions on the go. You can always post a quick question or some feedback via Facebook or send us a tweet via Twitter... |

Training Sessions:

Want to know more about Nefsis’ features? We offer online training sessions for your key Nefsis users to help get the best out of the using the service. Simply contact us to arrange one.

Video Tutorials:

We have a number of video tutorials too, covering the basics - from joining a conference to connecting and configuring your headset and webcam:

Nefsis Forums:

Yet another resource for all things Nefsis – the forums are available for you to post questions and feedback and host a number of topics such as hardware reviews, feature requests for future versions and general questions/issues. Visit

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