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Nefsis Version 5.3 - May 2011 Update

May 2011 Mandatory Update.

The latest mandatory update to Nefsis was released on 7th May (Build 380), which had to be downloaded and installed prior to joining any online meetings. This was followed up by an optional update (Build 386 - 10th June) that helps address a couple of problems that were seen on a number of system configurations. If you think any of the points below might apply to you – be sure to update your Nefsis software to the latest release.

    • You can’t hear other people in meetings and you don’t have any microphone/headset attached to your computer.
    • You deploy the Nefsis Contact List via an MSI (IT Administrators only)
    • You use Windows XP.

If any of the points above apply to you, update Nefsis by simply joining a conference in the usual way, click on the application menu (the “n” icon in the top-left corner) and click Check for Updates. You can verify what version you are on by clicking on “About Nefsis” instead of “Check for Updates”.

Nefsis Update (Build 380)

On the face of things, the mandatory update on the 7th May might have seemed no different to previous releases. However, most of the improvements and tweaks can be found under-the-hood.

New Audio Engine
The major new feature included in the recent release is the audio engine, which has been improved and now sports a shiny-new echo canceller.

One of the most noticeable changes - you’ll hear – is the lack of ‘white-noise’ which was sometimes evident when using the older echo canceller. So we hope it is now less distracting and intrusive. Along with the new echo canceller, the audio engine improvements have focused on making it less susceptible to network performance fluctuations; in turn offering a more stable audio channel for each participant.

Updated System Ratings
Admittedly not the most enticing of features, but the lonesome “System Rating” has been revised to reflect the the continuing availability more powerful computers. All well and good we hear you say – but what does that mean for me...?

Well, the little blue-bars located towards the bottom of the conference govern what Nefsis can usefully achieve with your computer (without pushing it too far). So for instance:

    • 3 out of 5 System Rating
      This would restrict some higher webcam-resolutions and frame-rates.
    • 5 out of 5 System Rating
      This would enable all available resolutions presented by the webcam and all available frame-rates.

All of this is in a bid to avoid overworking your computer and potentially making it unstable. As the last thing we’d want is for you to suddenly get disconnected from a meeting because your computer was pushed to the limit and crashed!

Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4
We’ve now added support for Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 web browsers.

Anyone using Internet Explorer 9 to join Nefsis conferences will now receive an orange “Launch Nefsis” button to click on prior to joining. As for Firefox 4 users, you will be presented with a plugin to install prior to joining a meeting for the first time.

Sometimes the odd bug or two creeps in without us immediately reaching for the fly swatter and bug spray. So in the new mandatory release (Build 380), we’ve been busy tying up a few loose ends to make Nefsis better than ever. We’re so honest, here’s our full release history:

Nefsis Dedicated Server Update (Build 384)

For customers that have a Nefsis Dedicated Server installation (i.e. on-premise server[s] deployment) the Build 384 release will add the same features as described above for the SaaS Build 380/386. You will be receiving information regarding the update within the next day or so.

Tips & Tricks - Passwords


Have you ever found yourself covering or filling-in for a colleague’s meeting when they're out of the office or on holiday?
For regular in-person meetings in the office, this tends not to be a major problem. Just get a copy of the meeting notes or agenda and get yourself to the relevant meeting room; but ever thought about doing this in Nefsis?

Often, you can only control and gain access the meeting by using the meeting owner’s login details. However, this in itself can be an inherent security risk as these login details are often the person’s email address and personal password. Let’s face it – it isn’t exactly good-practice to pass around your own login credentials to colleagues when you’re lounging in the Bahamas drinking cocktails.

Thankfully, Nefsis has a rather useful feature to help you avoid divulging your personal login details and allows your colleague(s) to “Host” any meeting in your absence – controlling all aspects of the meeting. This can be achieved by using the “Take Host or Presenter” option from within the meeting itself. To access the “Take host or presenter” option click on the Nefsis Application Button (the green “n” in the top-left corner).

When creating or editing a meeting with Nefsis, you can set a variety of different passwords – for Host, Presenter and Participant.
The Host password is required - and is a random set of alphanumeric characters by default. However there's nothing to stop you changing this to something more memorable. It is this password you can then send to a colleague along with a link to the meeting.

Full details of how to locate the password(s) for a meeting room can be found here.

If all else fails. . .
Our technical support guys are happy to “jump into a meeting” to help resolve issues and provide a bit of technical assistance / training where necessary. See the Training and Support section of this newsletter.

Live Text-Chat Support?

At Nefsis UK we are always looking for new ways to help you make the most of Nefsis and we are happy to introduce live text chat support.

Do you have a quick question and want an instant response?

Do you have the Nefsis contact list installed?

If so, just add the UK support team and feel free to ask away.

If not,  to add Nefsis UK support to your contact list all you need to do is:

   1. Open Nefsis Contact List using the  tray icon

   2. Select Contacts tab

   3. Select Add Contact

   4. Select Yes and click Next

   5. Enter [email protected] and click search

   6. When found, Select Next and then Finish


And that's it!

You can now ask any technical question directly to the UK support team between 9am and 5.30pm (UK time)via a Nefsis pop-up, or even request a call back (please include your telephone number in the message!).

Training and Support

Call or Email Support:

Call us during UK hours on 01243 816800  - Mon-Fri 9am to 5:30pm
or "" (replacing the -at- with an @ symbol).

In-Conference Support:

If you don’t mind us ‘gate-crashing’ your meeting, feel free to invite us into your meeting if you are experiencing difficulties. Simply give us a call or send an email invite with the problem you are experiencing. We will do our best to join as soon as we possibly can.

Online User Manual:

With over 200 pages of step-by-step guides organised into a variety of categories, the online user manual can help shed light on virtually any Nefsis feature and can be found here:

Tips & Tricks:

Direct from the experts – head on over to our official UK blog with various tips, tricks and information about Nefsis and its features; including hardware reviews and YouTube videos:

Facebook & Twitter:

Get social with some of our other support activities - ideal for those random questions on the go. You can always post a quick question or some feedback via Facebook or send us a tweet via Twitter... |

Training Sessions:

Want to know more about Nefsis’ features? We offer online training sessions for your key Nefsis users to help get the best out of the using the service. Simply contact us to arrange one.

Video Tutorials:

We have a number of video tutorials too, covering the basics - from joining a conference to connecting and configuring your headset and webcam:

Nefsis Forums:

Yet another resource for all things Nefsis – the forums are available for you to post questions and feedback and host a number of topics such as hardware reviews, feature requests for future versions and general questions/issues. Visit

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