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Tips & Tricks - Passwords
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Tips & Tricks - Passwords
Take control of a meeting with Host password


Have you ever found yourself covering or filling-in for a colleague’s meeting when they're out of the office or on holiday?
For regular in-person meetings in the office, this tends not to be a major problem. Just get a copy of the meeting notes or agenda and get yourself to the relevant meeting room; but ever thought about doing this in Nefsis?

Often, you can only control and gain access the meeting by using the meeting owner’s login details. However, this in itself can be an inherent security risk as these login details are often the person’s email address and personal password. Let’s face it – it isn’t exactly good-practice to pass around your own login credentials to colleagues when you’re lounging in the Bahamas drinking cocktails.

Thankfully, Nefsis has a rather useful feature to help you avoid divulging your personal login details and allows your colleague(s) to “Host” any meeting in your absence – controlling all aspects of the meeting. This can be achieved by using the “Take Host or Presenter” option from within the meeting itself. To access the “Take host or presenter” option click on the Nefsis Application Button (the green “n” in the top-left corner).

When creating or editing a meeting with Nefsis, you can set a variety of different passwords – for Host, Presenter and Participant.
The Host password is required - and is a random set of alphanumeric characters by default. However there's nothing to stop you changing this to something more memorable. It is this password you can then send to a colleague along with a link to the meeting.

Full details of how to locate the password(s) for a meeting room can be found here.

If all else fails. . .
Our technical support guys are happy to “jump into a meeting” to help resolve issues and provide a bit of technical assistance / training where necessary. See the Training and Support section of this newsletter.

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