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3/30/2010 5:53:42 PM Reply with Quote

Some web conferencing products (WebEx, Wimba, and others come to mind) offer a feature that allows meeting participants to display a "hand raise" symbol to indicate that they have a question during a presentation. This allows the flow of a presentation to go on uninterrupted, but allows a moderator or presenter to follow up with those who have questions at the end of a structured presentation. Are there any plans to include a similar feature in Nefsis?

4/1/2010 10:02:46 AM Reply with Quote

We have an open feature request for this capability, but no ETA for its completion at this time.

1/18/2011 3:26:55 PM Reply with Quote

This would be a great addition since you cannot see the attendee list if you are using a powerpoint presentation on a single screen. We simultaneously perform webinar and in room seminars. We do not want the classroom attendees to be distracted by the online chat and side menu's so we use powerpoint on full screen. This is great for the in house people but the presenter cannot see questions from the online people.

Our workaround is to have a producer in the back logged in as a second host who then monitors the chat box for questions.

3/1/2013 1:01:03 PM Reply with Quote

Just wondering if any progress has been made on adding a hand raise features to nefsis. I would find it extremely helpful in moderating larger groups.

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