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Named versus Concurrent User Licensing

This page describes Named User and Concurrent User licensing. Nefsis is licensed either way as determined by you and your Nefsis account manager or previous purchase. For more information on your company license or a custom quote, please contact us.

Named User Licensing   Concurrent User Licensing

General Description

Licensing is governed by Named Users who are identified by their email address.

Each Named User can host and run their own online meetings at anytime and run them as long as they like, without regard to other user activity.

A Host can only run one online meeting at a time.

Named User licensing is the simplest and most common.

   Licensing is governed by Concurrent Users identified by active connections to the conferencing server or online service at any one point in time. Similar to ports on a phone system. Only active, conferencing connections count. See counting details below.

With Concurrent User licensing, a customer organization can create as many accounts as they like. The only limit is the number actually connected and using the service.

Concurrent User licensing is typically reserved for large companies and licenses that include our on-premise server product.


As determined by your license.

For example, a 5 x 25 Named User license allows up to 5 hosts each running a conference with up to 25 participants each.
   As determined by your license.

For example, a 25 Concurrent User license permits any combination of conferences with hosts and participants totaling 25 or less. This could include one meeting of 25, two meetings of 12 and 13, five meetings of 5, and so on.


What is a Named User?

It is the most common form of licensing for online services. Named Users are typically identified by their logon name or email address. Nefsis uses email address just like, Google Adwords and many other online services.

What is a Concurrent User?

It is an industry standard term that refers to the total number of people (as measured by network connections), that are connected to a physical server or online service at any one point in time. The term "concurrent user" is analogous to "port" or "line" with respect to a telephone system.

Details Regarding Concurrent User Counting

Only users connected to a real-time, web and video conferencing session count. Users visiting a welcome page, administrators using the management console, and scheduled future conferences do not count. Only users connected to live, in-process conference sessions count. The Nefsis server counts each user's browser or Nefsis conferencing application TCP/IP connection.

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