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Nefsis Video Conferencing Software & Services
Download a FREE 14-day Trial of Nefsis video conferencing service Internet Video Conferencing – Product overview
HD Video Conferencing – More about HD capabilities

Online Meeting – Interoffice meeting features
Desktop Sharing – Share desktops with remote control
PowerPoint Sharing – Share presentations with multiparty video
Application Sharing – Share applications with live annotation
Web Collaboration – Even share movie files and much more...

Our Value Proposition & IT-Friendly Capabilities
Video Conferencing Online Services – The easiest and best video conferencing online service
On-Premise Server Option – On-premise server option for more enterprise IT controls
Widely Compatible Video Conferencing Equipment – Using cost effective, PC peripherals
Secure Video Conferencing – Over existing networks and compliant with IT security policies

How Nefsis Video Conferencing Works
Multipoint Video Conferencing – How parallel processing & cloud computing reduce latency
Nefsis Advanced Technology – How Nefsis improves ease of use and connection success rates

How Much Video Conferencing Costs – Worldwide price list
Contact Sales – Contact sales for pricing Q&A or to place an order

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Video Conferencing Forum
Web/Video Conferencing FAQs
Video Conferencing Tutorials (Movies)
Video Conferencing Online User Manual

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