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Nefsis Quick Summary: Web, VoIP & Video Conferencing

Nefsis is the next generation web and video conferencing software and online service. It uses standard PCs, Internet connections, and affordable PC video peripherals. Nefsis continuously optimizes your PC processing power, bandwidth, and its state-of-the-art server cloud to make web, VoIP and video conferencing exceptionally fast. Nefsis incorporates over ten years improving security, firewall, and proxy compatibility, so you can enjoy fully interactive, IT-friendly online meetings with virtually anyone in the world.

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Nefsis Features:

Easy to Start, Easy to Use

You can use Nefsis without any training at all. All you do is click into your conference room, and it prompts you to invite colleagues, activate audio and video, and share materials—as needed, and when needed for your online meetings.

No guesswork, no frustration, it's easy.  Start conferencing today — NO credit card required to download a Free Trial.

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Fast Desktop & Application Sharing

Sharing complicated ideas or visual information with Nefsis is easy—enjoy on the fly sharing of any application, a region, browser sharing, or share your whole desktop.

Everyone has the same view, and you can get real work done in your online meetings using tools you already have on your PC.

Save money with Green Video ConferencingNefsis server cloud is behind-the-scenes, optimizing a fluid desktop sharing, audio and video conferencing experience, so you can meet online, anywhere around the world, instead of flying or driving—green video conferencing!

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Desktop Sharing
PowerPoint Sharing

Easy & Clear PowerPoint® Sharing

The PowerPoint sharing feature lets you present any PowerPoint slide show anytime, no staging or file conversions are required.

Enjoy crisp, thumbnail previews of each PowerPoint slide, so you can easily go back and forth as you like. Everyone sees beautifully rendered PowerPoint transitions, graphics and rich-text, not grainy screen-grabs.

For high-quality online presentations, Nefsis is the way to go!

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The Best Multiparty Video in an Online Service

With Nefsis you get the benefits of low cost and reliability from off-the-shelf webcams and PC video peripherals. You can switch equipment at anytime, without long-term hardware obligations. You can even use HD video inputs, and mix-and-match webcams and HD in the same videoconference.


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Multiparty Voice over the Internet (VoIP)

Hands-Free, Multiparty PC Audio

Now you can hang up the phone and use Nefsis voice over IP (VoIP) for audio conferencing. The audio clarity is far better than the telephone, and you can see who's talking, because their names are highlighted on the participant list. This can be very helpful in getting to know your videoconferencing participants.

Nefsis uses standard audio hardware, including headsets for laptops and desktops, plus echo cancelling microphones and external speakers for conference rooms.

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Special Compatibility Features:

Video Conferencing Services compatible with Windows VistaNefsis was designed for video conferencing compatible with Windows Vista, with a large tool ribbon, pictures of each feature, skins, transparency and glass effects. There are many applications that run on Vista, but very few like Nefsis that let you take full advantage of Microsoft Aero and flip 3D displays.

In addition, Nefsis is compatible with the Microsoft Office applications suite , and Microsoft OC (Office Communications Server).

Nefsis Video Conferencing is high definition (HD) readyNefsis is HD-ready. If your bandwidth ceiling allows it, you can use off-the-shelf, high definition equipment and enjoy HD video conferencing. Nefsis lets you mix webcams, standard definition, and HD — all in the same video conference.


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