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Online Meetings via Multipoint Video Conferencing

The Most Popular Nefsis Features — 20 Second Movies

The video carousel above highlights the most popular Nefsis web and video conferencing features. You can move the carousel and click on any image to see a short, 20 second Flash movie.

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Web-Based Video Conferencing — Desktop to Boardroom

Nefsis makes web-based video conferencing easy. We take the simplicity of online services and plug-and-play video peripherals to deliver secure, multipoint video conferencing worldwide. All you need is a web browser, internet access, and virtually any video input — webcam to HD. If you can browse the web, you can easily conduct business-grade online meetings with Nefsis.

What's the difference? We are the cloud computing company in the video conferencing industry. We use our parallel processing and cloud computing technology to reduce latency and make multipoint video FAST. You get fast, full-featured, web, VoIP & multipoint video conferencing that's easy to start and use. You can be up and running in minutes, not days or months.

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