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Nefsis UK Customer Care can be contacted by phone or email below.

Phone: +44 (0)870 224 0415
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: 09:00 to 17:30 GMT weekdays


Nefsis works with a wide variety of PC-based peripherals (webcams, headsets, capture cards). However, we endevour to test specific equipment where we can and also provide recommendations based on our own customer feedback.

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Are you using a good webcam, headset or speakerphone with Nefsis? Let us know on the forum!


Some useful tips and information for successful meetings...

  • Plug it in!
    It sounds trivial, but in the spur of the moment these points can be overlooked....
    Prior to joining a meeting, don't forget to connect any webcam and/or headset to the computer.
    In most cases, while an application is running, it will not see recently plugged in devices (as Windows needs to prepare them first).

    If you plug in a webcam, headset or speakerphone while the meeting is in progress; you will need to exit and re-join it for the equipment to be picked-up.
  • Use headsets for the best-quality
    In most cases, you may get away with average/low quality audio with webcam microphones and external speakers. However, these can sometimes cause echo, distortion or 'loopback' that can be distracting to say the least.

    If you find yourself joining a meeting from your desk or home office - use a headset. You will quickly find the quality is superior if everyone else has a headset too.
  • Keep "Hosts" to a minimum
    As with a typical business meeting, you generally wouldn't have everyone simultaneously running the meeting and flicking through the presentation material. The same logic can apply to an online web conference. It's generally accepted that only 1 "Host" (i.e. the conference owner) is required in a given meeting and helps maintain control. Should other attendees wish to co-present material, you can simply promote them to "Presenter".
  • Use your personal meeting room
    Nefsis will automatically create a "personal meeting room" for you. This room is unique to you and is effectively permanent! You can then use this meeting room for any ad-hoc or planned meetings with your colleagues, without worrying about setting up additional meetings.
  • High-Definition webcams
    Some webcams do provide close to High Definition (HD) or Enhanced Definition (ED) resolution. However it's good to bear in mind they largely use software to control its focus. Some webcam performance also begins to degrade when using them at a higher resolution (quality) as additional computer power is required for the drivers to process the image. This in turn, can cause the webcam to become very slow or even stop working, because the quality and data throughput is too high for the webcam's drivers to handle efficiently.

    Out of the webcams we have tested, the Logitech HD Pro C910, FaceVsion TouchCam N1 and Microsoft LifeCam Cinema (HD) which support the 720p HD format perform very well. However you will need to make sure your computer is capable of supporting the webcam at 720p HD quality.


In the rare event you run into problems when using your webcam, we always recommend you check the manufacturer's website for the latest software drivers. The vast majority of webcam issues can be resolved by simply updating its software.

Logitech  |  Creative  |  Microsoft  |  Philips  |  HP  

It is also worth checking that the webcam isn't being used or "held-open" by other applications running in the background on your computer. Some applications that sit in the Windows system tray can sometimes "take" the webcam, which then stops it being available for other applications to use. Simply closing other applications before joining a meeting will help.

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