Nefsis Learning Center

The Nefsis Video Conferencing Learning Center has all the resources you need to get the most out of your online meetings. Feel free to take advantage of the online documentation and how-to video tutorials below, or contact us to schedule a free, instructor-led training session.

Nefsis Video Tutorials   Online Documentation
Quick Start Movies Complete Online User Guide
Configuring Audio/Video One Page Pocket Reference - Browser (PDF)
Live Sharing & Meeting Controls One Page Pocket Reference - Tray Icon (PDF)


Nefsis Quick Start Movies

Getting Connected — Everything you need to get started and into a Nefsis meeting (3:22)
Starting a Meeting — How to start a meeting and invite users (1:03)
Joining a Conference — How to join a conference via a web link (2:28); via email link (2:14); via Nefsis Contact List (1:42)

Contact List Overview — How to use the Nefsis tray icon and contact list, a no-charge add-on for instant conferencing (4:54)
More Contact List Videos — Detailed how-to videos on using the contact list, groups, online presence, pop-up messages and more

Configuring Audio & Video

Adjusting Video — How to adjust your video settings (1:49)
Configuring Audio Settings — How to setup your webcam and speakers (1:22); USB speakerphone (1:16);
                                                                             USB headset (1:21); Analog headset (1:23)

Live Sharing & Meeting Controls

Sharing Documents — How to use document and presentation sharing features in Nefsis (2:15)
Application Sharing — How to share applications (0:44)
Recording A Conference — How to record a conference (0:49)
Managing Users — How to manage users while hosting a meeting (1:19)
Customizing Templates — How to customize email invitations, registrations, reminders, and join/deny messages (5:51)

FREE Live Training Sessions

Feel free to contact us for a live, over-the-web video conferencing training session or assistance with any
of the product features mentioned above.