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A popup message allows you to quickly send a message to anyone in your Nefsis Contact List. You can make repetitive popups into a template so things like a 'phone call' can be a one-click action.

The following articles will guide you through how to use popup messages.

Send a popup message

You can easily send a popup message by first selecting a contact or group and then clicking the popup icon.






Create a popup template

You can make a repetitive message into a template, by using the popup template feature.






Use a popup template

This article will guide you though how to send a popup message, by using an existing popup template.






Edit a popup template

You can edit previously created templates by selecting the template and clicking the edit icon.






Delete a popup template

Deleting existing popup templates can be achieved by selecting the template and clicking the delete icon.






Import a popup template

You can import previously saved popup templates using the Nefsis Import template feature.






Export a popup template

Any created popup templates can be exported as a file, should you wish to keep them in a safe place or to send to other Nefsis contacts.






Retrieve old popups

Nefsis keeps an archive of old messages that have been sent and received, just in case you need them later on.






View unread popups

On occasions you may get sent messages while you're away from your computer or you might not see if you're too busy. Nefsis will alert you to any unread messages.





Delete a popup message

Nefsis will automatically retain 100 popups in your history by default. However, if you want to delete a specific popup message, you can right-click on a popup and select Delete.