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10/24/2011 10:59:27 AM / Edited 10/24/2011 2:31:37 PM by OurKars Reply with Quote

I found a great way to navigate between PPT slides in Nefsis using a wireless pointer. After doing some research and testing, I learned that Nefsis only responds to the left, right, up and down keys on my keyboard. That means all I have to do is find some type of wireless PPT pointer that used those same keys. Unfortunately, the unit I tested, the Logitech Presenter R400 only used the page up and page down keys to navigate powerpoint slides. And there was no way to change the assigned keys.

So with a little creativity I mapped the Page Up and Page Down keys on my keyboard to the left and right arrows. I used a utility called AutoHotKeys or AHK to achieve this. By the way, I use AHK for other macro functions on PC too and was familiar with this cool utility. All I had to do was create a new file on my C drive and add the following entries in the file using Notepad. This is just a regular text file so you can use any text editor. Again, the idea is to remap the Page up and Page down keys to the Left and Right arrows. BTW, the file must end with the extension .AHK. On my PC the file is called nefsiskeys.ahk and this is the content in the file.

------- start of file -------
--------end of file ---------

Once the file was created I simply double clicked the AHK file to make sure AHK recognized it. Next I shared a powerpoint document in Nefsis and tested it with the PPT pointer. I entered a Nefsis conference, shared a powerpoint document using the Share PointPower option, made sure I clicked on the area of the powerpoint slide. And just like that, I am now able to advance the slides using the Logitech Presenter and doing it wirelessly too! This is totally awesome! A couple of important notes. Make sure you have fresh batteries in the Logitech Presenter device and second, make sure you click on the PPT area in Nefsis. This is important or your slides will not advance.

This is the Logitech Pointer I am using. You should be able to find this on CDW or Amazon.
Logitech Wireless Presenter R400.
Other models may work too but this one looked pretty decent.

Here is a link to the cool AutoHotKey utility.

Good luck and hope this help other looking to accomplish the same task.

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Good work and it is definitely a workable solution. However, please keep in mind this is not officially supported by Nefsis.

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