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7/8/2010 3:35:01 PM Reply with Quote

We'd like to provide our users with a page on our portal, where we will provide links to conference rooms, where they are requested to go.

However, once they have the client open, we don't want them to have to get to the download launcher page each time. Is it possible for the browser link to route the already-open client to a new conference straight away?

So either an API, or an alternative link instead of this:\CC.exe

Many thanks!

7/29/2010 2:40:26 PM Reply with Quote

This is a very complex topic. However, we can summerize it by saying, most browsers today have built-in restrictions preventing the browser from directly interacting with EXE files. Developers have to use browser/web based technologies like ActiveX, ClickOnce or a Java applet to call and pass paramters to locally installed EXE file. In most cases this type of action require the to user confirm or authorize the action.

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