Bug Reports / Connection Fails Without Checking Remember my password
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2/10/2009 9:03:32 AM Reply with Quote

When I tried to log in yesterday, it wouldn't connect. My colleague informed me this happens most of the time unless you check the box to "Remember my password." This is both a security issue and plain strange behavior.

2/10/2009 10:56:53 AM Reply with Quote

If you don't type in the password when connecting then you should receive an error message notifying you that the password is incorrect. The 'Remember my password' option simply determines if we store your login password in your Nefsis settings which are saved to a user-specific folder in Windows. Assuming the correct password is used the 'Remember my password' checkbox should have no impact on login success or failure.

2/25/2010 12:11:40 PM Reply with Quote

Dear Our service provider.
I humbly request to know why when i try to log onto the conference sever a diologue box displays that i cannot connect to this conference. For the first time i opened up my account i used to conference well. I will be happy if en-lighted on what i have to do so that the situation normalizes.

3/2/2010 7:46:19 AM Reply with Quote

Could you attach a screenshot or the exact text of the error message you are seeing?

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