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10/29/2008 4:30:10 PM Reply with Quote

I've recorded a conference and wish to have others review it. They are getting missing codec message. How can the codec be installed to other clients without installing full client and clicking on help>install codec?

10/29/2008 7:28:30 PM Reply with Quote

You can find a standalone codec installer for playing AVI files recorded with the integrated recording feature, under:
C:\Program Files\WiredRed\CC\wrcodec.exe after you install Nefsis.

This is our own AVI screen compression technology that produces highly compressed recordings at high resolutions and frame rates.

12/10/2008 11:36:06 PM Reply with Quote

Will the install button always keep displaying under the help tab on the ribbon? I've installed it a few times.

12/11/2008 11:39:42 AM Reply with Quote

Yes it will, but you should find that after installing it, exiting and re-joining the conference (as a Host), you can click on the green "n" application button (top-left corner) and select Record.

You should then be able to select "AVI - Windows Media Player" as the recording output format.

Hope this helps!

12/1/2009 7:19:01 AM Reply with Quote

I tried installing that so I can record for playback with Windows media players but it said the install is not compatible with my operating system. Can you help?

12/1/2009 1:00:40 PM Reply with Quote

What operating system are you using?

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