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11/17/2011 4:48:53 PM Reply with Quote

I just ran my first real major conference with the Nefsis software and recorded it using the default settings(I was too busy to set it up so someone else started the recording).

What I ended up with was 4 FLV files due to the 2GB limit of the recording software(which needs to be fixed). I have tried pulling these files into a non-linear video editing package to try and link them together into a single file but nothing seems to be able to read them.

Has anyone had any luck with this, if so what software did you use, or is there a codec I could install on my system to allow the other software to open them.

11/18/2011 7:15:10 AM Reply with Quote

Nefsis recommends using the AVS Video Converter for converting files.

Sony Vegas Studio is also another good app to use.

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