Bug Reports / Problems to connect when using Cisco VPN client
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5/14/2009 3:49:36 AM Reply with Quote

we arle experiencing problems using the Nefsis client when connected to our internal networks via Cisco VPN. When connected directly to our internal networks locally everything works perfect so there are no issues with outgoing firewalls etc. As soon as we are travelling and connecting via VPN it is no longer possible to connect to the Nefsis servers. The client just hangs and finally tells that it is not able to connect. Without VPN activated it works fine of course.

Any ideas?

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It sounds like the security policies applied to VPN users is more restrictive than those applied to LAN users. This is not unusual, as VPN connections pose greater security risks.

Once you are connected to the VPN, open a web browser and try to navigate to http://www.nefsis.com/queryaccesspoints.aspx

Are you able to access this page?

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Scott, I did just send a PM to you with the results from the test¨


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