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2/19/2009 1:15:32 AM Reply with Quote

Hello Nefsis

I have just tried inviting users which have no administrator right on the computer- This means they have to download the client (about 10 MB) before being able to join, which they really cant do, as they keep being redirected to the page where it asks to install the clients, yet again. I dont know if there is a problem with your servers or if its just me thats missing something.

I seem to remember reading that Nefsis, should be able to run from any computer without any installation. Something I have dont wrong?

2/19/2009 4:12:44 AM Reply with Quote

Well, i found the problem.

When you join a conference you are directed to page, which wants you to install an ActiveX control. However because our systems are locked down. They will not get the ActiveX popup. And hence cant install the files needed (think its called .Cab or something)

So of course there is a normal hyperlink provided, however this link points to another file (around 10MB big) which needs to be installed, which our users cant do either. I think this link is wrong, as it should point to the ActiveX control, and not the 10 MB client setup file. However I cant be sure.

Now I trying to sell this idear to my boss, by having a really easy conference with him, however because our users are so locked down. He cant join, because he does not get the ActiveX pop up - And the link provided for manually installing the ActiveX links to another file, which of course my users cant install either.

that sort of coveres the problem bit.

Now what i would like to know, if this is intentional or just a glitch?



2/19/2009 1:45:55 PM Reply with Quote

If the user does not have permission to register ActiveX controls with the browser, we do provide them the option to download the client setup manually. They will still need rights to run the CCsetup.exe file, and we will need to put the files somewhere on the client machine. If the conferencing client is installed manually it will create a desktop shortcut. This gives the user easy, direct access to joining conferences as well as allowing us to work around operating system security features such as Vista's UAC/Protected Mode.

This is not a glitch, as we do not make any effort to subvert security policies and restrictions that have been put in place by an administrator. To do so would be dishonest on our part and our customers would hesitate to use our software if they felt they could not control its deployment within their organization.

2/23/2009 4:16:03 AM Reply with Quote

Well, its still two different files you install...

Either way, I was just hoping it would work like the "old" E/pop - which doesnt seem like it, as we had no problems with E/pop regarding this problem :(

2/23/2009 8:31:41 AM Reply with Quote

e/pop Web Conferencing (version 4.6) and Nefsis are almost identical in how they install. The primary difference is that with version 4.6 if you could not install the ActiveX control, you could download a small (1.6mb) iesetup.exe, which would in turn download and install the actual conferencing client. This hid the download and installation details of the 10.3mb setup.exe that installed the conferencing client. This was not an attempt at deception mind you, but an effort to give the user multiple methods of getting into a conference so that they would be able to participate.

Nefsis has some fundamental changes to it that preclude the use of the iesetup.exe application. For this reason if users are unable to install the ActiveX control they may click on the link to download the CCsetup.exe manually. Once this is downloaded and installed, the user can launch the conferencing client from an icon created on their desktop. The client will then prompt them for the conference ID they wish to join and any applicable password.

The Nefsis method of joining a conference is also beneficial in that it helps the user get around Windows vista's Protected Mode/UAC features that would limit the functionality of e/pop Web Conferencing.

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