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9/27/2010 4:45:58 PM / Edited 9/27/2010 4:49:37 PM by Nefsis Customer Care Reply with Quote


Thank you for your interest in Nefsis Basic. In order to answer questions or to help resolve technical matters in a timely fashion, we have created the Nefsis Basic forum. We encourage all Nefsis Basic users to post any and all questions or technical issues. We closely monitor this forum and will make sure to respond to all posts. Please note this is the only support level currently available for Nefsis Basic.

If this is a technical issue, please include all the relevant details related to the issue. This includes,

1. A detailed description of the issue,

2. Your conference ID.

Note: The conference ID is the alpha/numeric value after the ‘DN=’ in the URL – Example: In this example, the Conference ID is ‘mydemo’.

3. The Nefsis account that was used to create the conference (if available),

4. Date and time of the meeting,

5. Results from the our diagnostic utility - Link to the Nefsis Diagnostic Utility

Once you have all the necessary information, paste it in the forum or send an email to and reference the forum post. Our support team will respond in a timely manner and will do their best to solve your issue.

Thank you.

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