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1/22/2011 6:49:25 PM Reply with Quote

I cannot share mp4 media files. AVI and WMV share fine, but mp4 files, though they play on my PC just fine, only come across as audio on Nefsis, with a waveform displayed instead of video. I installed DirectX, but no help.

Any ideas?

1/24/2011 7:55:29 AM / Edited 1/24/2011 7:57:23 AM by Nefsis Customer Care Reply with Quote

Have all clients download the following codec pack for viewing MP4's within Nefsis.

The download link is on the top right in green.

1/25/2011 4:34:23 PM Reply with Quote

Already did that. Plays fine on my machine. Does not on Nefsis.

Been waiting for a callback from customer "care" for >24 hours as well . . .

1/26/2011 7:18:28 AM Reply with Quote

We have unsuccesfully ran extensive tests on running MP4's with Windows 7 in Nefsis.

One workaround is to upload the video with another system. We ran tests with XP and all videos tested succesfully.

1/26/2011 8:16:14 AM Reply with Quote

So, you are saying that .mp4's do not upload with Windows 7? Any other features I should know about that don't work in Windows 7, or is it like 20 questions -- customers are told things on a "need to know" basis?

Perhaps you need to disclose these bugs, or put them into a FAQ. Not everyone wants to devote hours in trying to make something work, if the designers themselves have not designed it to work.

As the old joke says, "That's one"

1/26/2011 11:01:48 AM Reply with Quote

We apologize for this inconvenience.

The MP4 extension is only a container for the video file. Meaning that various codecs can be used with the MP4 container. This is usually worked around by installing the codec on the system that is sharing the video out and sometimes the ones viewing the share. We noticed this fixed the issue on Windows XP but after extensive testing\research we were unable to resolve the issue with Windows 7.

Perhaps a better way of listing what videos we support would be to list the codecs we support.

We are definitely continuing to look for a solution and will touch base when we have one.

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