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9/27/2010 2:21:29 AM Reply with Quote

Hello Support,

I have a blue screen problem with Nefsis, at least with builds 331 and 339. The problem appears with the built-in webcam of a Dell Precision M2400 and Windows XP SP3.

When I install the latest Dell-provided driver (Creative Labs Integrated Webcam v1.08.01.0129, A07, see here: http://ftp.us.dell.com/input/CREATIVE-LABS_INTEGRATED-WEB_A07_R258275.exe) I get a BSOD as soon as the Nefsis conference client tries to initialise audio. After the next boot Nefsis asks me if I would like to try audio again, but the only thing I will get is another blue screen.

My workaround for the moment is to deinstall the Dell-provided driver and let Windows use the Microsoft-provided default webcam driver. With this Nefsis works without BSODs.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,

Bernhard Rafetseder

PS: is there a way to download older builds to cross-check which build introduced the problem?

9/27/2010 8:15:20 AM Reply with Quote

Hi Bernhard:

When I look at Dell.com's site I see a different driver then the one you list.

Driver: Creative Labs Integrated Webcam
Version:, A01


I also noticed they have a BIOS update. Version A22


The following is a link to the latest mandatory version.


9/30/2010 6:43:29 AM / Edited 9/30/2010 6:46:05 AM by Bernhard Rafetseder Reply with Quote

Hello Support,

sorry for the delayed response but it took a little time to dig deeper into this nasty problem. My observations were:

*) I already had the A22 BIOS installed

*) on the Dell website one can download two driver versions:

#) aka R189395 A01, see http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/download.aspx?c=us&cs=555&l=en&s=biz&releaseid=R189395&SystemID=PREC_M2400&servicetag=&os=WLH&osl=en&deviceid=16027&devlib=0&typecnt=0&vercnt=1&catid=-1&impid=-1&formatcnt=0&libid=17&typeid=-1&dateid=-1&formatid=-1&source=-1&fileid=259778

#) aka R258275 A07, this is the same version as the Windows Update site provides, see http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/download.aspx?c=us&cs=555&l=en&s=biz&releaseid=R258275&SystemID=PREC_M2400&servicetag=&os=WW1&osl=en&deviceid=16027&devlib=0&typecnt=0&vercnt=2&catid=-1&impid=-1&formatcnt=0&libid=17&typeid=-1&dateid=-1&formatid=-1&source=-1&fileid=379428

*) trying different versions of the webcam driver and the nefsis software I found the following behaviour:

Nefsis_build____Webcam driver___________Problem
340_____________1.02.02.0603____________Nefsis client says "old_driver"



So it is quite clear to me that some change between Nefsis build 325 and 331 causes this BSOD issue with the latest webcam driver!

Is there anything I can do to help you identify the problem in detail (some kind of debug log)?

For work I'll stay with build 325 in the meantime.

Kind regards, Bernhard.

9/30/2010 7:20:58 AM / Edited 9/30/2010 7:21:20 AM by Nefsis Support Reply with Quote

Hi Bernhard:

You can try the updated software by selecting the circle 'N' in the upper left corner and then choose 'Check for updates'. We are currently on build 340.

You can send us a diagnostic report of the system by downloading this software and running it on your system.


The program will place a folder (Nefsis_Support_Info) on the desktop. Zip up the contents of the folder and include in an email to customercare@nefsis.com.

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