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2/19/2009 4:12:44 AM Reply with Quote

Well, i found the problem.

When you join a conference you are directed to page, which wants you to install an ActiveX control. However because our systems are locked down. They will not get the ActiveX popup. And hence cant install the files needed (think its called .Cab or something)

So of course there is a normal hyperlink provided, however this link points to another file (around 10MB big) which needs to be installed, which our users cant do either. I think this link is wrong, as it should point to the ActiveX control, and not the 10 MB client setup file. However I cant be sure.

Now I trying to sell this idear to my boss, by having a really easy conference with him, however because our users are so locked down. He cant join, because he does not get the ActiveX pop up - And the link provided for manually installing the ActiveX links to another file, which of course my users cant install either.

that sort of coveres the problem bit.

Now what i would like to know, if this is intentional or just a glitch?



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