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I'll try to respond to each point individually.

1. We support both formats. In order to use your own primary domain (eg: conference.mydomain.com) you would need to add a DNS record that resolves the domain to the IP address of the nefsis.com web server. Note that using a custom primary domain will result in the browser address not matching the SSL certificate if a user browses to your portal page securely.

2. I'm not sure I understand this issue. We would like to think users would be more concerned with the performance and usability of the software than the server which provides web content. Is this not the case?

3. This is intentional. The URL that appears on the Start tab is the same URL that will be sent in any of the invitation options on the Start tab.

1. We're reviewing the format of the URLs created and used by Nefsis, especially in regards to deployments. We've found a few inconsistencies that result in different invitation formats depending on how the invitation is created.

2. The VCS does have a minimalist web server which is only intended to assist participants with installation of the conferencing client and getting them connected to a conference. Hosting the portal content locally is not really feasible.

3. This is intended, but in the process of being refined. There are several different URLs that will allow you to join a conference. Our aim is to be more consistent with what links we use regardless of how the invitation is created.

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