General Discussion / Sharing Media Files: ie: Playing DVD's through the Web Conference
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8/17/2010 4:49:39 AM / Edited 8/18/2010 6:57:29 AM by Matt Reply with Quote

Thanks for replying... must say that's one of the best descriptions I've heard for a slow-motion DVD! :-)

If you share an application (like Windows Media Player) or your desktop (i.e. something 'live'), Nefsis will share it at a low refresh rate. Typically this is OK for office applications etc, but not for video.

However, perhaps one way to help improve it is to increase the Frames Per Second (refresh rate) - so the DVD comes across smoother. Some steps to try are below.

1. Go into a Nefsis conference
2. Click on the "n" application button (top left corner)
3. Click Settings
4. Click Sharing
5. Drag the Sharing Frames Per Second slider towards the right - increasing the number of frames slightly.
6. Click OK

Of course - in doing this, you will eat up some more bandwidth as you're sending more information.

Alternatively, as you suggest - you could convert/rip the DVD to a suitable format on your computer and then share it with Nefsis' Share Media feature.

It goes without saying - only copy or rip DVDs that you own the copyright to, or have permission to - so avoid any retail DVDs please! :-)

There are numerous bits of software that can do this. After a quick Google I found one called "Xilisoft DVD Ripper Standard", which you can download as a trial or buy. I must admit, I have only had limited experience with this (so your testing may vary), but appears you can copy content to a suitable file that Nefsis can share - such as .WMV (Windows Media Video).

From this point onwards, you can then adjust the quality of the video directly in Nefsis...

Hope I've helped.

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