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3/22/2010 1:51:18 AM / Edited 3/22/2010 1:52:03 AM by Marko Laurits Reply with Quote


I tested point-to-point video connection. It works very well. Video quality is high and CPU utilisation is quite low comparing to other videoconferencing programs.

Please could you explain, how multi-point video communication works.
If there are 10 participants, are then 9 streams sent from the server to every participant?
Are any trans-rating performed or is the speed of video exactly as all participants generate it? E.g if every site transmits 1 Mb/s video, would everybody receive 9 x 1 Mb/s video streams?

What happens if one site has slow (say 512 kb/s) Internet connection and every other user is transmitting 1 Mb/s video stream? Would the slow site receive transcoded video streams? Or wouldn't it receive a video at all?

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