Bug Reports / Usage Reports: Not able to view current up-to-date usage reports
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1/22/2013 11:20:14 AM Reply with Quote

Usage Reports: Not able to view a report of the current meeting. Initially I wanted a way to view the users and IP address of those who logged on today's meeting (or a meeting that's currently in progress). However, reports do not give this information.

Repro Steps:
1) Log into account > My Account
2) Go to 'Conferences' > My Reports > Usage Report
3) Adjust date to include a meeting currently in progress or today's meeting
4) Press 'Run Report'

Observe that the report does not generate the users who have logged in and their info. 'No data to display'.
Expected that like running a report for a past meeting, a list of users and associated info to show current info.

1) Does not repro for past meetings.
2) Repro's 1 hr after meetings start, and 2 hrs after meeting start.

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