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Nefsis Recording.docx 

You can record meeting sessions. To do so select the circle N in the upper left corner and choose ‘Record Conference’

Once you select ‘Record Conference’ you will be given the following options.

Output file format:
• You can record in AVI, HTML or FLV.
o To allow AVI recording you must enter a Nefsis meeting room | select the ‘Help’ tab | Choose ‘Install Codec for Recording’

Output size:
• There are four sizes to choose from. Actual Size, 640x480, 704x480 & 800x600. Actual size will record the actual size of what you see on the screen.

Frames per second:
• You can set the frames per second up to 30. Frames per second means exactly what it says, frames per second. Meaning that with each passing second X frames will be recorded. So the higher the frames per second the more the recording will pick up.

Output folder:
• Location of file after it saves

Record current share OR Record actual desktop:
• When you select ‘Record current share’ then whatever is currently being shared will record.
• When you select ‘Record actual desktop’ then the entire desktop will be recorded.

Include audio or not:
• Enable this if you wish to record the conversation within the conference

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