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1/5/2010 3:29:32 PM Reply with Quote

We have a dedicated server for webconferencing solution. I created a Personal Page for my organization to provide epop feeling and comfortable access. Our business type is Law office. We use web conferencing to meet with clients in a confidential environment. It is essential for us to show this confidentiality for webclients.

1. In the current solution I should send a link to the client to ask for join a conference with URL of ...nefsis.com/.... instead of mydomain.com

2. I can hide my Personal Page to appear as .... .mydomain.com but if the client wants to check she/he will found as third party site was accessed.

3. In the contact client (PCsetup.exe .281) at the Start page My meeting room link is contain the access password which is visible for everyone staying around my monitor. This row is only a hyperlink.

1. I dont have suggestion how to link mydomain in the conference link but probably You can solve this similarly to "hide" Personal page (DNS referencing to Nefsis IP address).
But when the client connected to my dedicated server this appear on the Address line as IP address instead of DNS name. I guess this is occured because the Deployment settings (VCS registered address) which is not editable and didnot resolved by DNS name.
Is it possible to resolve registered address and use that for Address line?

2. We have a VCS server with opened http port. I can access a white page on this server.
Is it possible to create and appear Personal Page on this site?

3. The hyperlink text can be changed to another text and the link can still working as planned.

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