General Discussion / Continuous Download of Nefsis Conference Client?
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5/17/2011 9:24:56 AM / Edited 5/18/2011 7:02:05 AM by Nefsis Customer Care Reply with Quote

After the update, have you clicked on a Nefsis link only to watch it continuously download the Nefsis Conference Client?

The reason is the links are no longer valid and point to the wrong version of Nefsis.

We STRONGLY recommend against using custom links. We only recommend using the standard Nefsis link.

An example of a standard Nefsis link:

We also recommend using the Nefsis Conference Client instead of custom links.

Link to Nefsis Conference Client Software

The Conference Client install places a link on the desktop labeled 'Launch Conferencing Client'. When activated it will prompt for the ID and password of the room.

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