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10/20/2009 6:31:04 AM / Edited 10/20/2009 6:31:30 AM by David Wright Reply with Quote

Hello All

When I try and record a meeting I am hosting, I am getting the following error message:

"You have insuffucient rights in the selected folder.

Please try a different older." (Including typo).

I have tried it with the codec installed, (and not installed); saving to my 'Documents' folder and to an external HDD - all with the same result. This is on a Windows 7 Professional computer.

I was wondering if anybody else has seen this and knows how to fix.

Thanks in advance

- D

10/20/2009 9:52:10 AM Reply with Quote

Are you joining the conference through your web browser? This sounds like an issue with UAC and Protected Mode on Windows 7. The restrictions imposed by the security features are difficult to explain, so instead I'll link you to a Microsoft article that explains how it all works: Note that UAC and Protected Mode are both present in Windows Vista and 7, although the implementations differ slightly.

How this affects Nefsis: UAC is enabled in Windows 7 by default. UAC allows IE8 to implement Protected Mode (enabled by default). With Protected Mode enabled, IE runs as a process with low privilege. Any application launched by IE inherits this privilege state (this includes Nefsis CC) and runs from a low privilege location on the hard drive which prevents these applications from accessing any higher privilege locations on the system. This would include the desktop, the user profile folder, the program files folder, the root of the C drive, or any external drive. When CC is running in a low privilege state and affected by Protected Mode, you will receive the error you described. If you would like more information on how Nefsis is affected by Protected Mode and UAC in WIndows Vista and 7, please post here or contact our support department.

Good catch on the typo in the error message. I was able to verify this exists in the current build and also that it has been fixed in the next release.

10/20/2009 12:44:55 PM Reply with Quote

A quick fix for Internet Explorer, is to right-click on the IE icon before running IE and select "Run as administrator". This disables the effects of protected mode in IE before you enter a meeting.

10/22/2009 5:24:25 AM Reply with Quote

Thanks All.

I was using the Nefsis client and I got it working by running that as Administrator.

Thanks again

- D

11/9/2009 3:43:35 AM Reply with Quote

Thank you for the progress update, David

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