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9/4/2009 9:05:14 PM Reply with Quote

With nefsis is it possible for a single user to run multiple conferences from the same machine. I can't see how you log out from the conference that is set in the client once it has been installed.


9/5/2009 5:23:02 AM / Edited 9/5/2009 5:39:18 AM by Matt Reply with Quote

Hi Bill,

I don't believe Nefsis is explicitly designed to have multiple conferences running on the same PC (some caveats below), but it will allow you to... One of the ways is this:

1. Login to your Nefsis Contact List (the green "n" in the system tray)
2. Switch to Expert view (step-by-step here)
Switching to Expert view will allow you to create more than one conference (and will give you access to more advanced options)

3. Create a new conference (step-by-step here)
4. You can now launch as many conferences as you wish by going to "Show my conferences" and clicking the Join link (step-by-step here)

However, generally it's much easier to manage a single conference (rather than juggling multiple ones) and there are a couple of caveats to be aware of if you intend to have multiple conferences open at the same time...

- Windows will only let the webcam (or video source) be available to one application at a time. So, the first conference you join will have exclusive access to the webcam. Any other additional conferences you attend, won't be able to use it.

- If you're using the built-in audio (VoIP) with a headset (for example), your voice will be transmitted to all conferences currently running on the PC.

Hope this helps shed some light.

9/10/2009 8:56:45 PM Reply with Quote

Matt is correct. A single personal meeting room is provided for simplicity, as this room cannot be deleted or removed and will always be available.

It is possible to manage and use multiple conferences, and the concurrent licensing we provide means that you can have users connected to different conferences simultaneously.

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