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3/25/2009 11:27:23 AM Reply with Quote

I noticed that sometimes when I go into my conference right after I just closed one, I sometimes get a message saying that I am already in my conference. Even after rebooting, I am still unable to get into my conference. I went to another browser to join my conference and I still show up as the host even though I no longer have the conference up.

3/25/2009 12:31:37 PM Reply with Quote

This issue occurs when a firewall or proxy keeps the connection to the server alive, which causes the server to hold onto the client object longer than it should. We're implementing a workaround that will allow the server to keep better track of client connection states and more rapidly dispose of "dead" client connections.

In the meantime, you can work around this issue by creating and joining a separate conference until the user object in the previous conference is released.

5/15/2009 11:08:54 AM Reply with Quote

Has this been resolved?

5/15/2009 1:20:52 PM Reply with Quote

The conferencing server should now be removing dead connections much more rapidly. You may still see this message if you try to rejoin within 30-45 seconds, but you should not remain locked out for hours at a time.

I understand that 30-45 seconds may seem like a long time, but please bear in mind that if we get too aggressive then connected users will start dropping from the conference at the first sign of congestion or high latency.

Our goal was to strike a balance between the two.

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