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I agree about that. I promise these are DVD's I purchased from a training company for the pure reason of sharing/training employees at our company only.

Well, I thought I almost had it! Thanks for the advise above.
On the Nefsis website, I saw the USB Hub..USB Video Capture Adapter
USB 2.0 Video Capture Device
Ideal companion for your portable audio/video application.
*When purchasing a USB video adapter, be sure to get USB 2.0 or later, and check for Windows Vista or Windows 7 compatibility. USB 1.0 adapters do not have the transfer rate required for video applications.

I thought I could hook it up to the DVD player and it almost worked.
We hooked it up with the red/yellow/and white cords from the back of the DVD player to the USB hub to the computer. Nefsis did read it as a "video camera" so I thought I could change the lay out and make it show as if we were having an all video conference. It didn't quite work.

1. While the touch panel was on, hooked up the DVD player to the USB hub below the desk and turned DVD player on.
2. Opened up Nefsis and navigated to Settings. Went to Video selection, choose the Video Composite option.
3. On the DVD player, pressed Play.
4. In Nefsis, changed Layout to Video only and the play all button is grayed out.
5. The DVD player is showing hooked up, but when I insert the DVD into the player, it states, "loading" ... a few minutes later it gives me the error, "Wrong Disc." I used 2 different DVD's to test.

I'll try ripping next! I am bound and determined to come up with a solution. It's too vital to the training department since I can't fly out to all of the branches at this time.

Thanks for your help!

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