General Discussion / Can't use Nefsis as a Host but can as a Presenter
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1/18/2010 6:20:39 AM / Edited 1/18/2010 6:26:51 AM by David Wright Reply with Quote

Hi All

Firstly, I have been having excellent support but I have a problem I can't seem to fix.

On a computer I can successfully connect to a meeting as a participant. However, on the same computer, when I try to host a meeting it won't connect, giving an error:

Status Code: 0

Error Code: 276

Error Message: 276: Server disconnected before handshake completion .

Has anybody seen this and know how to fix - I have a suspicion it's filtering-related however what is confusing me is that I can connect to a meeting as a participant.

Thanks in advance for any help you can be.

- David

-- EDIT --

I can join an existing conference from a URL (\CC.exe) however if I launch cc.exe and enter my meeting ID then I get the same error!


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