Bug Reports / Video Camera in use error
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6/4/2009 9:05:27 AM Reply with Quote

Thanks for the info Scott, unfortunately it doesn't get us any further forward. The sequence of events is this:
-Launch Nefsis
-Enter Meeting Room. Message: Waiting for Video Device, then Error Video Source may be in use by another application.
-Open QuickCam Error message The Webcam is in use by Nefsis <account>. Stop the application using the webcam and press reconnect.
earlier if the Quickcam app was closed and "Turn on Everyone's Video" was retried the video did appear. After reinstalling Quickcam the video now always fails to start
Have also tried this using a clean boot but the same symptoms persist.
I would now like to reinstall both Nefsis and Quickcam, could you advise what needs to be done to remove nefsis settings which remain after an uninstall.


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